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Bkkm hroposal Rough Draft

Title Body, Mind and Soul

SELF Starting Point 06/22/09
Once upon a time, My teenage daughter swaggered up to me, She declared “I will run away and find myself !”
Not looking at her, I said “OK”.
She stopped away muttering “Boone loves me!”
Later, I saw my wife nuking. I said to her “ Stop smoking, It is bad for you health.” She glared at me in her eastern European way. Then she said “Who are you!”
I retreated to the bathroom. There I looked in the marrow. Looking at myself I thought “ Who AM I!”
My search started here for serf. Tis is the first step in Improving self.
Awareness of yourself Is the
First major step to self improvrment.
Join Me
Join me in finding yourself.
Why! Because you are the center of the Universe. Self is your world. You make this world work for you.
Let use this to build and improve ourselves. By following me we will add tools to help us to operate in our world to get what we need.
Let findd out how we operate as a bio machine.
We will look and learn the three dinebsions of our being. These najor dimensions are body, mind and soul.
All dimensions work together to make self.
Understanding how they are linked will improve our health and well being. We then can cope with problems of ouf our world .
What is this book about ?
This book explores what we know and don't know about body, mind and soul. It uses a common sense approach. It will enable us to develop tools and techniques . This will improve our personal Universe.
The physical, memtal and perinatal will be united. This will create a fluid self.
There will be a chapter each, for body,mind and soul.
Each of these chapters will nr general and easy to read. It will not make you a doctor. It will give you more knowledge of self. And your physical world.. The mind chapter will illustrate control functions. The mind chapter put our being.will provide the third eye approach to input our being.
Im each chapter improve methods
What is this book about ?
for self will be stressed. This will be shown with examples.
Another chapter will be devotes on how the body,mind and soul work together. We will use these links for self improvement
References,Glossary and definations will be included They will add to the understanding of the Chapters
This is an Invitation on Improving yourself.
By reading this book you will find yourself. We will do this by a structural attack.
Improving yourself will be our goal. A step by step progression will en accused will be
on an adventure. Not to make us a
doctor,physiochemical or scientist. We will learn a common pence approach to sage ourselves. Techniques and tool will be outlined. Understanding logic and emotion cam en used to control selfish information will Farmington you with what you want out of knowingly tour total package of Body ,mind ab soul will produce positive result in you behavior.
You can be your own el Allow yourself your potential. You must be selfish by improving and understanding serenader
Take charge of your future, Get more out of now. Understand your pastille this can be done in knowing 'Who are You.'
The Trip
Exploring your body ,mind and soul
How are you packaged? What snakes you tick? What outside the page effects you?
In this book you wink find answers. Also it will help you find more questions about yourself. Lets define the body. Investigate thew brain and ,bad realize the soul.
I will inset humor. Provide short stories. Examples of skills,techniques and tools will be included, question to ask yourself will listed. Illustration will be show. All will be done to make this a learn experience fanout you. I promide not to bore you! If so you can beat me. My name is Irving Jabberwalky.1

Reasubs to read this book
How to read
summary of objective
Divions of the mind
Cpu control center
The abstract Being
The Total package
Effects on body abd nind
Ying and Yang
Summary and conclusions of the book
Book leaf covers I

bms Intro

bms 1

The Boot
Give me some skin !
One of my wives once said “ I hate myself because I am so fat!” I said sympatheticly “The biggest organ is our skin.” I dare not repead what she said next.
So why take care of it?This is one of your oegans everyone looks at. Also more important It is what shields the rest of your body. It is your first defence against imvaders large and small. Also it can make the difference in love and war.
Quotes about skin: 06/21/09
Who Said It: John Davies of Hereford
When: 1616
The Story behind It: An English poet, John Davies of Hereford, wrote this line in A Select Second Husband for Sir Thomas Overburdens Wife, Now a Widow. The moralistic poem was only one of many that followed a murder scandal
involving the English writer Sir Thomas Overbuy; Robert Carr, the Earl of Somerset; and Lady Frances Howard, the Countess of Essex. Overbuy and Carr were close friends, and when Carr became romantically interested in the countess, Overbuy heartily approved. However, when the countess divorced her husband in order to marry Carr, Overbuy voiced a strong opposition. Some accounts of the scandal claim that Overbuy even blackmailed Carr. In 1613 Carr, who was influential in the court of James I, had his friend Overbuy thrown in prison. The charge: disrespect to the king. While in prison, Overbuy was slowly poisoned by jailers hired by the countess. Carr and his countess were tried for the murder of Overbuy and found guilty, but later they were pardoned.
To win but fools her purity to hallow.
There is also an old jingle, author unknown, which parodies the famous beauty line. It reads: "Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone;/ Beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own."
© 1975 - 1981 by David Dzerzhinsky & Irving Wallace
Reproduced with permission from "The People's Almanac" series of books.
Facts About Your Skin
(January 1999)
Most people know very little about their skin. Below are some facts that are more than just interesting. They may help you to better care for your skin.
General Facts
The skin is the largest and most visible organ of the body.
The skin performs many tasks: regulates body temperature, protects internal organs, provides sensation and metabolic functions.
The skin has two main layers: the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (inner layer).
Using ordinary soap can cause dry skin because it removes both oil and water from the skin.
Bubble baths tend to dry your skin and should be avoided.
Moles may be pink, light to dark brown or even black, and they may or may not have hair(s).
Acne is not caused by chocolate, nuts, cola, pizza, potato chips or any other foods a person eats.
As many as four out of five teenagers have acne.
One in five adults between the ages of 25 and 44 has acne; nearly half of all adult women have mild to moderate acne.
Aging Skin
A tan indicates damage to your skin - - the result of injury caused when ultraviolet radiation from the sun damages the elastic fibers of the skin.
More than 50 percent of your lifetime exposure to ultraviolet light generally occurs before you reach the age of 18.
How wrinkled your skin becomes depends largely on how much sun you've been exposed to in your lifetime.
Most people shed between 50 and 100 hairs each day.
Nearly two out of every three men develop some sort of balding in their lifetimes.
Hair is made of keratin, the same protein that makes up your nails and the outer layer of your skin.
When your hair is wet, it is fragile. Towel dry it gently.
Some women lose large amounts of hair within two to three months after having a baby.
Your fingernails thicken and grow more slowly as you get older.
Changes in diet will not strengthen your nails.
The condition of your nails may offer clues to your general health
Dermatologists are specialists in treating skin, hair and nails.
Craig Rafferty, M.D.
Missing sumary and intro to next part if the body This chapter to be continued..................................06/22/09

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