Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Running Fox
One of the things I heard on the radio, you know, that's that old fashioned box that now we seem to be returning to because the tv tells us nothing and doesn't give us music anymore. We have to go to our ipods or something like that. But now I like radio because I have an old cooler with a radio inside of it, kind of an antique. It takes batteries, flash light batteries, but it's still transistorized and it lasts a long time. So I can leave it on and I don't have a cord. I don't have to worry about batteries and I can listen to the radio. Well, the radio has an advantage because what you can hear is little tidbits of information especially on public radio, where they have to use this information as fill. Well, enough about radio, let's get down to Running Fox. Well, I'm going to change my name now. My nickname will be called “Running Fox”. I will tell you why as this story progresses.
Here's a tidbit that I heard on the radio. One of our illustrious scientists found out that as he experimented with the genome that one of the genes that is in us is related to our speech comes from the fox. The fox has the same gene as we do for speech or a part of speech. Our speech is more complex and we have more genes but you can see where I'm going. Well, if we have the fox's gene for speech maybe the Indians had a point of view that we all are related to animals in one form or another in our expertise – or what we were designed for on this earth. So I came upon this conclusion that I am designed to talk. Everybody around me will tell you that I speak and speak and speak and drive them nuts. Well, I'm going to give them a warning now, I'm going to be called Running Fox. Now if they don't get the idea of what Running Fox is, I'm sorry. I'll have to relegate them to the scientists that studied this genome. And if they come back and say I don't get it, well, I'll just have to tell them that Running Fox means “Blabber-mouth”. Or, if they don't get that, I'll tell them that I have a case of oral diarrhea.